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Presentation Of Rafael Rojas, Responsible For Operations

Hello, I am Rafael Rojas, Head of Operations in Sifonika. I have spent the last ten years of my life dedicated to marketing, design, prefabrication and installation of siphonic systems in Spain and I think it is good time to look back and take stock of what I have learned in all these years. First, I think we have advanced a long way in relation with dissemination of this technology applied to the roof drainage. Today, there are many engineers and architects who are already familiar with the siphonic concept: To take profit of the full filling of pipes for increased drainage speed and to able to lead rainwater to flat horizontal collectors, minimising the number downpipes in a 20:1 ratio with respect to the traditional gravity system. Secondly, I must thank all those who have relied on this new way of desk drainage. They have made possible a true "revolution" that facilitates a more flexible use of interior space of a building, less use of materials and civil works, an acceleration of the work planning and a greater easiness to give greater rainfall protection to the roofs of our country, in addition to greatly facilitate the recycling of rainwater. I consider important to highlight the fact that the decrease in new development resulting from the current economic situation has been compensated for the siphonic industry with significant increase in rehabilitation projects of roofs or entire buildings, requiring emergency or secondary systems aimed to improve existing systems. Another remarkable fact is the general increase in rainfall intensities throughout the Spanish territory. If we add this item to the upward trend of designing roofs with large dimensions or pending we find that the result is an increasing need for greater drainage capacity and speed at times. As if this were not enough, we also found a patent saturation of urbanisation collectors as construction has been increasing, which also meant having to adapt "upstream" collection not to be affected by this restriction. Finally, I believe that the consciousness has also advanced to a necessity to conduct a proper maintenance of the roofs, notwithstanding the type of evacuation system used. From Sifonika we are ready to boost the siphonic "second revolution", which is going to arrive. From this blog we are going to strive to offer you all the relevant information so you can benefit from this kind of installation widely used all around the world.


C/ Pinar, nº 5.
28006 Madrid. España.
Telf: (+34) 91 745 68 69