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Logo Sifonika -vert-RGBHow time flies!

We are already one year old on the market and we are pleased to inform you that we have successfully implemented 15 major roof drainage projects, including some of great importance, such as:


• Coca-Cola Silo in Leganes

• Daoíz and Velarde Theatre in Madrid

• Queserías Entrepinares Offices in Valladolid

• Ecenarro Paintings Building in Azkoitia

• Bynsa Pets Expansion in Zaragoza

• Building for Procavi in Seville

• Building for Uvesco in Irun

• Aldi Store in Tarragona


Mainly we have succeeded in providing quality solutions, economic and executed in time with the consequent satisfaction of our customers. But, this being a considerable achievement, we want to put our desire and effort into something even more valuable: we want to change the way the roof are projected and give a definitive, responsible and environmental sense to the way we manage water.


We are convinced that rainwater drainage systems are not really complete if they do not meet one or more of these requirements:


1. Higher rainfall protection against "legal minimum".


2. Specified ad-hoc manholes for the siphonic system which ensure its proper operation.


3 Assessment of the use of SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) in any of its forms. Infiltration, attenuation or storage tanks for later reuse.


foto cascada SifonikaFor Sifonika team, in achieving this first year of life, our self-assessment is not just in the measurement provided by the profit and loss account. There are at least two other aspects equally important to it, and no less measurable that we set as our goals: environmental and social improvements that we may get with our performance for our society.


And to achieve these ambitious goals we need the cooperation of other members of the ecosystem of our industry, mainly designers and developers but also universities, professional associations, institutions, etc. So from here we want to appeal to all of them so that, slowly but surely, we get to align positions and we may soon see some urban and architectural designs in which sustainability criteria in relation to water prevail.


On one hand, the siphonic systems are the most efficient and safe way to manage the higher intensities of rainfall that are being experienced and for which buildings are not properly designed. On the other hand, the source flow control through SUDS techniques and products, has substantial advantages in terms of reduced flooding and diffuse pollution, energy saving, saving in water consumption and so on.


And the combination of both techniques allows significant synergies because it does not require pending to conduct water to the points desired by the designer. This advantage of not "losing height" on the road to drainage changes everything to make a significant cost reduction in terms of reduced number of trenches required and less depth thereof.


Both in new and refurbishment work, this increased awareness towards sustainability as an alternative is an unstoppable reality. We think this determination to push in the right direction is enough to exist as a company in these difficult times. We truly believe that it is worth continuing to strive every day.


Therefore, on behalf of the entire Sifonika team: Thanks for your support!



C/ Pinar, nº 5.
28006 Madrid. España.
Telf: (+34) 91 745 68 69