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The Importance Of Integral "Turnkey" Service

“An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a given field” Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize in Physics.


“Perfection is not having no more to add but nothing to remove” ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPÉRY, pioneer of international postal flight and author of The Little Prince.


foto brochure Sifonika 2peqWith whom do you project and contract your rainwater management systems? Overall, there is much talk about the product and little on services.


But clearly, when it comes to a calculated installation, which must be installed according to some design specifications and proven technical skills, the vehicle through which all this service is provided becomes of paramount importance.


There are a number of advantages when concentrating the integral service in a single company, namely:


1 - Knowledge of the project from its genesis in the very early stages. This is an opportunity to work and interact closely with the property, architecture and engineering. Best savings from the implementation of a proposed rainwater management (roof drainage and read driving / infiltration / reuse) arise from these first stages.


2 -. Result of this early collaboration is an integral conception of the entire system, resulting in a benefit of safety and effectiveness of what was projected. Since fixing of rainfall intensity parameter to the buried network dimensioning location via downpipes and route optimization collector and diameters.


3 -. Upon recruitment is vital that the partners (usually the building company or the owner and provider of the turnkey service) know perfectly all the conditions and circumstances of the drafting of the implementation, installation and work management plans.


This "core" functions of different actions takes on the meaning if performed by a single supplier otherwise you run the important risk of information gaps and misinterpretation of the real work needs. Logically, a provider with manufacturer / distributor profile will enhance logistics aspects, a provider with a non-installer engineering profile will enhance technical aspects, and a general plumbing company will enhance the construction aspects.


Mixing at least three companies as a puzzle when the three functions can be performed by a single specialist means to complicate a correct conception and execution of the project.


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4 - Elaborating further on the case described above, the potential conflicts that arise from the occurrence of several partners usually mean a negatively impact on the final outcome of the project: poor design, poor stocking, delays in general and reaction times to unforeseen events, lack of experience in installing this type of siphonic systems (sometimes this experience is reduced to only one or two previous installations).


5 -. Nevertheless, the main risk which is assumed when not centralising the rainwater management project on a single partner is the dilution of the warranty. No matter how many documents are intended to reduce this risk, in case of serious accident it will always be an interest of each of the contracting chain to derive their responsibilities to others.


The only way to root out this potential threat is unifying into a single integral provider all activities necessary for the proper execution of the project.


6. And on a more theoretical but entirely logical level, when a company centralises all tasks and responsibilities ensures that the learning curve and innovation take its natural course upward. New challenges are faced and implemented solutions serve as process feedback, thus creating and fostering a better partner who can be trusted for the management of the water cycle in our buildings.


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In Sifonika we are exclusively dedicated to the dissemination, training, design, installation and warranty of integral rainwater management projects: An integral SERVICE for an integral PRODUCT.


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