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Siphonic System Benefits

sifonika beneficios sistema sifonico

The principal benefits provided by the use of the siphonic system are:

•  Higher drainage capacity.

•  Use of a sole collector (or a minimum number depending on drainage) to conduct the water to the outside of the building.

•  Lesser number of outlets.

•  More flexibility in availability and use of interior space in the building. • Lesser diameters needed.

• There is no need of drip boxes nor collectors buried inside the building. • Flat collectors, both aerial and buried.

• Lesser civil engineering and less deep ditches outside the building, which means an important reduction of costs (30%).

• Highest easiness to recycle water by concentrating with ease al the flow in a point of the terrain without restrictions.

• Flexibility of design which allows to achieve optimal solutions.

• Interior Self-cleaning of collectors.

• Less fastenings to panels and structure.

• Less total metres of piping with in proportion with a gravity system. • Reduced necessity to move polluted earth.

• Use of non-polluting materials.

• Less risk of leaks or breakdowns.

• Design nor determined nor conditioned by the terrain slopes.

• There are no problems associated to the maintenance of interior drip boxes.


sifonika beneficios sistema sifonico 2

Thanks to the principle of siphonic action the size of pipes and the number of drainpipes are considerably reduced to form a very "clean" installation from an aesthetic point of view and with a less risk of impacts in the used drainpipes.


Likewise the evacuation system does not require any pending in the air collectors so the user of the building has a bigger floor space, this is specially practical in buildings with logistic purposes, but also in hospital hallways and parkings.


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